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Insulin Pumps

Useful sites the deal with insulin pumps include those belonging to that specific insulin pump manufacturer as well as some general websites.  Some of these include: 

General information: 

(Medtronic Minimed insulin pump company) 

Continuous Glucose Monitor Companies
Continuous Glucose Monitor Systems

For patients starting continuous glucose monitoring using DexCom G6 CGMS: 


Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems 

CGMS General 

Dr. Haque Introduction to CGMS: 

CGMS Basics (by Dexcom): 

CGM Basic (Medtronic Diabetes): 

CGMS Companies 

{phone: 866-989-2716} 

{phone: 855-632-8658} 

{Phone: 844-736-7348} 

{phone: 800-646-4633} 



For patients starting to monitor glucose using a glucometer: 


Some of the common glucometers used in the USA include: 

  • One Touch Veerio 
  • One Touch Ultra2 
  • FreeStyle Lite 
  • FreeStyle Freedom Lite 
  • Contour NEXT 
  • Accu-Chek Aviva Plus 
  • Accu-Chek Guide 

Accu-Chek Guide Me 


V-Go is a once daily insulin wearable patch-like device that helps provide glucose control. The V-Go is designed to release a set basal rate of insulin throughout the day, while allowing patients to provide bolus insulin with meals. 3 types of V-GO are available: V-GO 20, V-GO 30 & V-GO 40.  Over a 24-hour period they provide total basal insulin dose of 20, 30 or 40 units respectively. 

 For patients starting V-Go device please visit this website:

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